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Pastoral Counseling


  Pastoral Counseling
  Christian Counsel

Deepen your intimacy with God, self and others

Sessions equip individuals with the following disciplines 
Positive Imagery
Mind Over Body Exercise
Desensitizing Sensitive Emotions
Permanent Negative Release Skills
Controlling Mood Swings/Preventing Depression
Inner Peace
Self-Control Development
Crisis Control
Anti-Procrastination Methods
Food-Mood Disciplines
.God has already given you the grace to embrace who you are.
Re-discover your anointing and move in the direction God intended.
The Way to Wellness
Traditional Approach Agape Approach
PURPOSE: To adjust individuals to fit them into a culture, system or technique. PURPOSE:  To encourage individuals towards discovering God's truth as a way of life.  
Technique Based Bible Based
Unhealthiness defined by ideas professionals hold in their mind (usually a mental judgmental belief)
Unhealthiness defined by negativity flowing through the heart and mind 
(usually a false belief) 
Individual focuses on controlling behavior Individual focuses on discovering his/her own strengths, gifts and talents
Verbal approach Prayer approach
Talk about negative emotions, problems, blocks, chemistry Release negative energy in the mind, body and emotions
No mention of the Holy Spirit Aware of the Holy Spirit inside the self
Mind Body and spirit equal to mind
Thinking Heart opening
Outside authorities have your answers One Authority has your solutions
Unequal Relationship Vales All Equally
Self Centered Christ Centered
Committed to planned specific invested interests
Committed fully to the prompting of the Holy Spirit
Tolerable recovery Emotional freedom



Our hope and prayer is that, thru Biblicial truth's and principals, we may enlighten individuals with the wisdom and tools useful in breaking the bondage of negative strongholds in the mind, body and spirit.  

 We offer support, encouragement and re-direction for spiritual and emotional wellness aligned with personal faith.   By applying and exercising the Word of God  in everyday life, you will find yourself equipped with the skills and methods to overcome obstacles interfering with ones ability to find inner peace.       

A transformational journey beginning with a deep desire and a willing heart, inviting God's prompting and leading, moving towards true recovery and full restoration.     

Heal from the inside out

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