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Expressing God's Love in Today's World


to the
Agape Prayer House

We have joined with our sister Church at

Agape Church of God
135-38 Springfield Blvd
Springfield Gardens NY 11413

Please feel free to visit us at our new location

Our Mission

Reaching for those who are outside the four walls of the church
For Christ, the Church, the Cause

Bringing support, encouragement and inspiration thru the Word of God to the communities around us with Local Gatherings, Seminars and Outreach Ministry. 

We gather to share the Good News about God's love and omnipresence.   Join us for an encouraging, inspiring, and enlightening look into the Bible based Truth about who we are and what we were fashioned for.    A journey we’ll share as we grow thru scripture and discover the true identity poured into us, the power behind it, and the authority that goes along with it.    

Learning and living to please the Creator is what we are truly destined and designed for.   

Allow God to bring you into a deeper relationship with Him.
Searching?  Seeking?  Wondering?
 Joyful, uplifting, live Christian music at every gathering
Play an instrument??? our worship team loves to stretch and grow...
... join us!

Change the World???  Simply Touch a Nation :)
(smile at someone today)
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